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Have you ever wanted to mountain bike to a trail from your home?


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In the West TSA process Boulder City Open Space & Mountain Parks is considering those possibilities. Some local neighbors and the so called conservation caucus are strongly, emotionally opposed.

After anti bike propaganda was distributed at trailheads in Boulder to inspire fear and overwhelm the September 13, West TSA CCG mountain bike meeting, the CCG deadlocked and did not recommend allowing any bike access. Read the Daily Camera's report of the CCG process (Daily Camera West TSA Mounain Bike Meeting) and the Camera's editorial disapproving of the result (Daily Camera Editorial).

With so much incorrect and deliberately misleading anti-bike propaganda being distributed about the West TSA, it was time to clear the air. To that end, BMA has released a brief position paper spelling out what we want, our overall vision for mountain bikes on city open space, our West TSA requests in support of that broader vision, and how BMA intends to support that vision and those requests.

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You can still make a difference! Sign BMA's petition supporting a West TSA mountain bike trail and help us level the playing field!


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There's a lot of misinformation being tossed about. Here are some facts about OSMP, mountain bikes, and the West TSA to help clear the air: West TSA Mountain Bike Facts.

We're not asking for much despite the uproar. Here are the details of BMA's 2008 Vision for the West TSA: BMA West TSA Goals.