Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Trail Priorities for the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Within the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks we are interested in connections between existing trail segments (primarily to the east), the designation of additional bicycle trails west of Highways 93, and the construction of new regional trails (to the east and north).

We would like to see extensions of the Marshall Mesa trails in the southeast to connect with Superior and the Rock Creek/Coal Creek Trail systems (and to ultimately create a loop paralleling the old Mogul Bismarck road bike race alignment)

We would like to see the trail loop around east Boulder completed by tying the south end of the Teller Farms trails to the Baseline and South Boulder Creek trails.

We would like connections in the north to the Heil Valley Ranch and to Boulder Reservoir.

In the west we would like to see enough trails opened to bikes to create a South Foothills Trail that would run from Community Ditch to at least Shanahan Ridge (and maybe to Table Mesa Drive). We would also like to see a bike connection to Walker Ranch.

The following lists summarize specific items we would like to discuss:

Trail Connections

Additional designated bike trails:

New regional trails: