Open Space & Mountain Parks West Trail Study Area Project

The West TSA area, including most of Mountain Parks and Open Space west of Broadway, is infamous for the longest standing ban on bikes anywhere in the United staes. It was first shut in 1983 and the closure was reconfirmed in 1986. This is BMA's first opportunity to debate this exclusion in a public forum that might lead to positive results.

BMA was aware this process was coming. For most of 2008 a group of dedicated volunteers worked to be ready for this conversation with the community. We have reached out to other stakeholder groups to elevate the level of discussion. We helped them formulate their own aspirations for this area.

BMA has clearly articulated what we want from this decision making process:

BMA prepared an information packet including details about the present bike oppertunities in the West TSA area and our desires for the future. We submitted it to OSMP staff, Board of Trustees, and City Council members. You can view the packet at BMA West TSA Packet.

Visit the official city OSMP TSA website at OSMP West TSA website for addditional information and meeting notices from OSMP.

The TSA process kicked off September 24 with an Open Space Board of Trustees study session. OSMP staff presented an overview of their baseline information for the area. There was no public comment allowed during this meeting. This was an appropriate first step, allowing the staff to articulate what they know about the wildlife, plants, land, and human trail use in this heavily visited area.

The community discussion begins with an October 1 public meeting. We need residents of Boulder, preferably people that live west of Broadway and south of Canyon, to represent the cycling community. If you are interested in having a role in abolishing this ban on bikes and live in this area, please contact Jason Vogel. We have well developed strategies and content that will make you an "expert" in this complex and sometimes emotional discussion.