Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Trails Priorities for Boulder County Parks and Open Space

We've organized the discussion under three major headings: Foothills, Mountain, and Plains Trails. The Foothills and Mountain Trails are primarily natural surface single-track trails and usually require cooperation with other land management agencies (the Boulder City Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, the USDA Forest Service, and various city Utilities Departments). The Plains Trails involve new regional trails (to the northeast and east) and completion of various missing links in existing trail systems in the southeast. Some of these trails may have an improved surface (e.g. crusher fines) and also serve as transportation corridors.

In the foothills, we'd like to see completion of the Heil Valley Ranch Management Plan Trails System, and connections from Boulder to the Heil Valley Ranch, Betasso Preserve, and the Walker Ranch. We'd also like to see alternate bike access to the Nighthawk Trail at the Hall Ranch to compensate for the closures at the Betasso Preserve.

In the mountains, we'd like to see improved connections from County trail systems to Forest Service trails (including connections west from Hall Ranch and Walker Ranch) and cooperation with the Forest Service on trails in the Magnolia and Winiger Ridge areas. We'd also like to be involved in the development of a new recreational trail system east of Gold Hill. Boulder County Parks and Open Space has been acquiring privately owned properties (mostly old mine claims) with the intent to combine them with BLM properties which the County is also acquiring. These properties should provide real opportunities for a new multi-use trail system.

In the plains, we'd like to see several new regional trails in the north and east including the Saint Vrain, Dry Creek, Feeder Canal, and UPRR trails. In the southeast, we'd like to see new connections for existing trail segments including the completion of the Rock Creek/Coal Creek Trails System and cooperation with the City of Boulder to create a trail loop paralleling the old Mogul Bismarck road bike race alignment.

Foothills Trails:

Mountain Trails:

Plains Trails:

New Regional Trails (northeast and east):

Trail Connections (southeast):