Volunteer Opportunities

The BMA is currently looking for voluteers to fill the following positions.

BMA is an entirely volunteer driven organization, which means we don’t just want your support - we need it. Everyone gives back in his or her own way. Some people have time, some have money, and some have an amazing ability to whip up cookies for hungry trail work volunteers. Whether you’ve been riding since the Repack days or started mountain biking last week, we’d love to for you to make your own mark on BMA. Below is a list of our most wanted volunteers.

To contact BMA about volunteering, click contact us.

Social Advocacy

These roles are geared to people who love to have fun and anyone with an interest in sharing their love of mountain biking with other people.


Bike Shop Liaison: Do you have a favorite bike shop or three? Are you looking for another reason to drop by (besides that shiny new wheel set in the window?) Give BMA a huge hand by occasionally dropping off BMA event flyers and membership forms to your favorite shops. Yup, that’s it.

Photographer: Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? If you have a good eye and like capturing the passion of trail work or the fun of a BMA party, you can be a big help by lending your skills, taking pictures at BMA events, and uploading the best shots to BMA’s photo gallery.

Videographer: If pictures say a thousand words, video must say a bazillion. BMA would love to have short videos illustrating everything from local riding to BMA community events, showing what BMA does and why we do it. If you enjoy being behind a camera and editing videos, we’d love to hear from you.

Archivist: BMA puts on several amazing events every year, from our fancy pants banquet to a bevy of fun group rides. We’re looking for folks who can string together a few paragraphs and pictures for these events to ensure they aren’t soon forgotten.

Newsletter Contributors: Don’t worry, you don’t have to write the whole newsletter, only a few segments every few weeks. If you’re more comfortable behind a computer than behind a tool, this might be the job for you.

Awesomest Trail Party Volunteer Ever: It turns out that the most valuable trail work volunteer doesn’t wield a tool. They bring cookies, hand a thirsty volunteer a bottle of water, and make new volunteers feel right at home. If you like helping other people, or just sitting back and watching others sweat, this role might be calling your name.

Trail Party Food Guru: Do you like to make food for starving, sweat-laden, tool-wielding mountain bikers? Whether your forte is baking cookies or whipping up a casserole than can feed an army, we can use your skills. Trust us, volunteers will work for food.

Trail Party Mom or Dad: It turns out that the most valuable trail work volunteer doesn’t wield a tool. They bring cookies, hand a thirsty volunteer a bottle of water, and make new volunteers feel right at home. If you want to help out by making others feel welcome, we can use your smile!

Work Party Food & Fun Committee: There’s a reason we call ‘em "Trail Work Parties." Help make our work days as much fun as they are effective by helping to organize the food, arrange a little swag giveaway, or coming up with creative ways to put a smile on volunteers’ dusty faces.

Social Ride Leaders & Helpers: BMA will be kicking up a number of awesome rides, from women’s rides, novice rides, to "Hold on to your helmet ‘cause we’re booking!" rides. Each of these rides will need someone to lead the riders into the trails, and more importantly, helpers who can hang out in back making new riders feel welcome. The schedule is not yet set and will largely depend on volunteers, so if you are interested in helping out with rides, contact us and let us know which types of rides would be especially appealing to you (women’s, novice, family, fast-paced, etc.)

Political Advocacy

These roles are geared for people who are passionate about trail access, enjoy problem solving, and understand that at the end of the road are trails that our grandchildren will ride.

Advocacy Committees: We are currently in the process of forming committees to address specific trail projects and advocacy issues. If you are interested in helping out with political advocacy, please contact us and let us know which project or issues are of interest to you.

Physical Advocacy

These roles are geared for people who enjoy working in the woods and watching a bunch of flags turn into fresh new trail.

Trail Party Volunteers: It turns out our mothers were on to something when they said, "Many hands make light work." Trail work parties are a fun way to tackle trail building and maintenance, leaving a sliver of trail that you’ll take pride in every time you ride. With experienced Crew Leaders at your side, no experience is necessary. See our calendar or newsletter for upcoming Trail Party dates.

National Mountain Bike Patrol Members: There’s no better way to turn your rides into "volunteer time." Join the local NMBP to become an ambassador to the sport, help other riders, and have another reason to go for a ride.

Tool Sharpeners: Do you have a grinder you’ve been dying to use? We’ll we’ve got some tools that need sharpening. Nothing makes a trail work day go faster than sharp tools. You can work out of your garage on your own schedule, and know that you’re making it easier to put trail on the ground.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact us.