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Lost, Found, and Back

I thought I would share a little story about a recent lost and found event that took place at Heil Valley Ranch.  While most Lost and Found are never found, there is always hope through perseverance.  I’ll throw in my ride report as well, because everyone loves pictures.

First the Lost and Found:

While riding at Heil, a rider stopped me on my way up Picture Rock.  He said there were a couple of ladies who had a mechanical and a Lost & Found issue.  I thanked him at went to go check it out. I found them on Wild Turkey, fixed the one gals  brake rub and then was handed a GPS unit that they found on the trail.  I’m sure these are lost daily, but I was determined to find the owner.

I had ads all over the place, but after a week I did one last search of Craigslist and there was an ad that described the unit, day, what was on it, and where it was lost perfectly.  I called him, he came by my house, picked it up, and went for a ride at White Ranch.  He insisted on a reward, though I objected,  and I donated that to COMBA (sorry folks, I do live in JeffCo and I am a Director on the Board.

Now, the day:

I think that procrastination is the root of all evil. How much do I miss by procrastinating? It’s a bad habit, but one I find myself doing more often than not. I spent the better part of Saturday night deciding where I would ride on Sunday, only to wake up Sunday morning and doubt what I had thought about the night before. The original plan was Peaceful Valley, but that plan changed very quickly because:

A. I do not know the trails well enough. B. I couldn’t find anyone else to ride with. C. I procrastinated.

So, since I am still a few hours short on Boulder Mountain Bike patrolling, I figured I’d put in a little face time. It wasn’t going to be the tired old Marshall Mesa ride. I also didn’t want to pass out from the heat. I have ridden Hall Ranch and I’ve ridden Heil Valley Ranch, but I have never been on Picture Rock trail. Yeah, shame on me.

I don’t know which way is preferred, but being a procrastinator makes me lazy. This meant starting from the first park along the way, Heil Valley Ranch.

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Bike Patrol Cockpit Clip

Experimenting with my new camera on Lefthand Trail.

Patrol Seatpost Cam


Summer primetime

A little afternoon rain followed by morning cloud cover does wonders for Hall and Heil. The flowers are still out at Hall on Bitterbrush

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“Toasty” Lunch Patrol at Marshall Mesa

93 F on Marshall Mesa today.  Still beautiful and fun.


Beat the Heat-ride West Mag 7/13 evening?

Anyone interested in a late day ride?