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  • With the warm & dry weather the trails are finally shaping up nice! Enjoy!

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BMBP Pictures

  • West Magnolia 4/22
  • Walker Ranch closed for wild fire
  • Last patrol and signs!
  • 1st patrol completed!
  • Features & stunts at West Mag
  • Training Day
  • BMA Sufferfest 2008!
  • Bike to Work Month at Heil Valley Ranch

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“Toasty” Lunch Patrol at Marshall Mesa

93 F on Marshall Mesa today.  Still beautiful [...]

Father’s Day with Kids at West Mag

On Father’s Day my friend Jack Keys and I took our 8 year old sons up to West Mag for the first time to ride. We toured Re-Root, Boot, and Re-Boot trails, out and and back on each. I was a little concerned that they’d be too difficult, too technical, etc. Boy was I wrong…

Almost immediately [...]

Boulder Bike Patrol helps out at Pueblo State Park

Headed down to Pueblo State Park Saturday with fellow Patrollers Jason and Andria to avoid Rock fall on Hwy 70 heading to Fruita or Moab….. Spectacular day out with great temps and weather. We ran into Art out there too just randomly who joined up with us a for a few miles on [...]

Patrol hours for 2009!

Check the main patrol site for preliminary patrol data for 2009. Thank you all so much for your hard work and effort [...]

Wild Turkey seepage and bad rider habits…

Well, did a patrol yesterday from Longmont and there is a lot of seepage from the water table right now on top of the Heil Knoll. So, there are a few sections on WT trail that have been affected and folks should not try to ride around them-serious damage has been done as you can [...]