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Father’s Day with Kids at West Mag

On Father’s Day my friend Jack Keys and I took our 8 year old sons up to West Mag for the first time to ride. We toured Re-Root, Boot, and Re-Boot trails, out and and back on each. I was a little concerned that they’d be too difficult, too technical, etc. Boy was I wrong…

Almost immediately the boys started saying “Yeah!” and “Fun!” and “Awesome!” on each turn, whoop-di-do and technical feature. They had to dismount a few times on some rocky parts, especially as my son is still learning clipless pedals, but some of these trails are PERFECT to introduce kids to mountain biking.

And, Backcountry Pizza and the new Ned Carousel afterwards made it a perfect Father’s Day.

Carousel of Happiness

Thanks BMA and USFS and all the volunteers who built and are still building Re-Root! We’re going back to camp out and ride for my son’s 9th birthday next month.


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