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  • With the warm & dry weather the trails are finally shaping up nice! Enjoy!

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BMBP Pictures

  • "Toasty" Lunch Patrol at Marshall Mesa
  • Cross training & Casualties
  • 1st patrol completed!
  • New Patrol Reports are up and working!
  • Summer arrives with big heat
  • Snow today, gone tomorrow!
  • Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol
  • IMBA Summit in Whistler
  • West Magnolia 4/22

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Cross training & Casualties

Patrollers Dave Ryan and Matt A getting in some quality cross training on Radio Beacon peak near Rollins Pass

Be careful out there folks! Sounds like two patrollers got clipped over the weekend…Herschel dinged his elbow down to the bone while patrolling at West Magnolia and Hillary S ended up in a helicopter evac after a [...]

And they’re off!

Boulder Wednesday Night race series kicked off yesterday with at least a couple patrollers in the stands, and a couple more out on the race course!

Matt got his ass handed to him on a platter in the Singlespeed category while Hillary S seemed to be holding her own in Women’s Bs. If 25 minutes [...]

Back from a beautiful long weekend under the sun in Fruita and ready for some ribs tonight. If you haven’t RSVP’d and are planning on attending our mixer at Wild Mtn tonight please drop me a line. Andria, Nicole, Cynthia, Jason, Chuck (maybe), Hillary, Steve and Rose

have already let me know and [...]

June 25 accounting

dusty sandy;
nice day on a horse
mine is steel

rain struggles
woods quiet climb
singletrack flow

aspen green
and columbine blue…
flat [...]

Hello, my name is Matthew and I’ll be your patroller today! Please keep your hand inside the windows at all times, do not feed the bears or Rainbow Family members and ride all stunts at your own risk. After three or four weekday patrols I’m ready to go for my first ‘official’ 2006 tour, [...]