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  • With the warm & dry weather the trails are finally shaping up nice! Enjoy!

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BMBP Pictures

  • Heil Ranch as of late...
  • Chainsaw fairys
  • Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol
  • "Toasty" Lunch Patrol at Marshall Mesa
  • Mushrooms everywhere
  • 1st Patrol in the bag
  • Short-cutting the log steps at Marshall Mesa
  • Public perception problems
  • Rocky Mtn News article 8/5/06

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Greetings patrollers! I walked the E. Magnolia trails a bit over the weekend and it will be a couple more weeks (at least) before they are clear enough to ride so yet another hot lap at Betasso will have to substitute for the time being. Soon though we’ll get out on a couple orientation [...]

Gathering momentum…

Got out on a Super-Super Hall ride on Sunday (double super would be riding from Boulder, after riding in from Nederland) and stopped in to chat with patrol supporter Dave Chase at Redstone Cyclery in Lyons. Dave has a very generous offer of 20% off MSRP for BMBP members for 2007 so if you were waiting [...]

I’m meeeelting!

You can almost see dirt up here in Nederland and the preliminary response for the 2007 Patrol has been great so I wanted to thank everyone who has stepped up so far and volunteered to help out. Though we may not be riding at West Magnolia for a few more weeks the trails at lower elevations [...]