Open Space & Mountain Parks Grasslands Management Plan

While in the midst of the Trail Study Area (TSA) process as a follow-on to the Visitor Master Plan, the Open Space & Mountain Parks began a Grasslands Management Plan (GEMP) covering more than half of all open space properties and including most of the future TSA areas.

Although the plan claims to deal only with grassland resource management and deliberately excludes recreational considerations, the initial draft contains several recommendations for trail restrictions and closures.

BMA believes these recommendations do not belong in the Grasslands Plan. Recreational management and trail issues in particular are the explicit focus of the TSA processes.

BMA prepared an initial response detailing our concerns about the plan's inappropriate recommendations. We submitted it to OSMP staff and Board of Trustees. You can view the BMA comments at BMA Grassland Comments.

BMA prepared a second response reiterating our initial concerns and detailing our disagreements with specific items for the OSMP Board of Trustees Grasslands Management Plan Study Session. We submitted it to OSMP staff and Board of Trustees. You can view the BMA submission at BMA Grassland Study Sessions Concerns.

Visit the official city OSMP GEMP website at OSMP Grasslands Management Plan for addditional information and meeting notices from OSMP.

The community discussion is under way. We need residents of Boulder to represent the cycling community. If you are interested please contact Jason Vogel. We have well developed strategies and content that will make you an "expert" in this complex and sometimes emotional discussion.