Open Space & Mountain Parks Marshall Mesa/Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area Planning Almost Complete

The City Of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks(OSMP) Department has been holding meetings on thousands of acres of open space south east of the city limits in an area that is generally inside the old Morgul-Bismarck road course.

This is a planning project. OSMP is deciding what trails make sense, what trailheads make sense, and what to do about them. BMA representatives have been there throughout the process. We are elated to report that the final result is likely to look pretty good.

The most notable aspect of this process is the "cultural shift" we are seeing from OSMP staff. They are doing their best to embrace recreation and the concept of a high quality user experience doesn't seem to be such a foreign concept to them. Those of you who remember the history of exclusion and the negative approach to recreation once prevalent in OSMP will agree this is a major development.

More info on this process can be found at OSMP Marshall Mesa/Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area Plan.