OSMP & West TSA Mountain Bike Facts

Boulder City Mountain Bike Facts & Figures

Bikes are legtimate OSMP trail users -

City Charter Sec. 176. Open space purposes '"(c) Preservation of land for passive recreational use, such as hiking, photography or nature studies, and, if specifically designated, bicycling, horseback riding, or fishing;"

Of the legtimate OSMP users bikes have the least access:

The VMP explicitly recognizes this shortcoming, citing access for mountain bikes (particularily west of HW 93) as an area for improvement (VMP pp. 21, 23, 26, 42, 49)

Only 49 of the 144 miles of OSMP trails are opened to bikes (34%). Half of these are old roads.


Hikers have access to 100% of OSMP trails, equestrians have 96%, dogs have 90%.

Additional bike access is not displacing other users. It is in fact providing new access for all users.

Of the 15 miles of OSMP trails opened to bikes in the last 5 years, 12.4 miles were new trails opened to bikes and hikers and 2.6 miles were an existing trail open to bikes (eastern Doudy Draw road & trail). An additional 1.2 miles of new trail was closed to bikes.

Net: hikers acquired 13.6 new trail miles in return for sharing a net of 1.4 miles of existing trails (1% of the OSMP total).

Note: County surveys of properties with multi-use trails consistently show a balance of hikers and bikers as primary users with a majority of hikers over bikers at most locations.

None of the WTSA trails are open to bikes

None of the 76 miles of designated trails and 66 miles of undesignated trails in the WTSA are open to bikes.

Proposed bike access in the WTSA is limited in scope and location.

Bike proposals would leave ~90% of the WTSA trail system closed to bikes.

New trails are proposed to avoid conflicts with existing users.

Bike access on or west of the Mesa Trail is not proposed.