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  • With the warm & dry weather the trails are finally shaping up nice! Enjoy!

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  • Free First Aid/CPR Training for Bike Patrollers October 12th!
  • Mushrooms everywhere
  • BMBP training May 15th OR 17th
  • Patrol hours for 2009!
  • Lost, Found, and Back
  • Chainsaw fairys
  • West Magnolia 4/22
  • Snow today, gone tomorrow!
  • Summer primetime
  • Fresh website!

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Patrol hours for 2009!

Check the main patrol site for preliminary patrol data for 2009. Thank you all so much for your hard work and effort this year!

End of the year 2009 Bike Patrol Party at Avery Tasting Room

Another great year comes to a close. We ended up having 27 folks show up for the end of the year party including Amanda and Ed from the various rep areas! I think a good time was had be all. Thanks to Avery again for giving us a great place to meet up each month. We ended up with a record number of hours and miles this year-details to come.

MK and David S. talk serious stuff!

Chip and Bruce enjoying the great Avery Beer!
Chuck, Jon A., Ken, Jake, and John D. all relaxing and enjoying the salad and pizza.
Thanks again for making this such a great year for the trails in Boulder County and the Bike Patrol!

LED bike lights

Seems some people on the patrol are interested in the latest on bike lights. Well we all know that LED lights are getting better and better and less expensive.

The latest rage is the ‘Magicshine’ LED light.

It appears to be a knock off of a $400+ light from Lupine called the ‘Tesla 4′. But only costs about $80. Its what happens when a product gets made in China.

You can get a basic light here with free shipping.


I’ve ordered several items from them and had great luck. I hear the quality control can have issues so one might have to be prepared for that. I haven’t had a bad one though.

If you want more security of ordering from someone you can deal with for a slightly higher cost, there is

They have the magicshine for $85 plus shipping but also sell parts such as spares and even a helmet mount adapter.

Walker Ranch closed for wild fire

Walker Ranch has been temporarily closed due to a wild fire nearby. Info here…

Check here for updates…

New Patrol Reports are up and working!

Ok patrollers, we now have 3 separate report forms for the 3 different agencies we volunteer for. City, County and USFS. Please fill out the appropriate form after each patrol with the according agency. This will be a BIG help to each agency and the patrol in keeping track of your hard work out there.

You can access the forms here at the main patrol site…

Questions? Contact John or email me directly… nick.lasure [at]