Valmont Bike Park Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

From the genesis of the initial idea of an off road cycling park in our town of Boulder through to the Park's approval process and construction, the vision of those involved in pursuing the Park has always been twofold:

The concept of dedicated off-road cycling facilities and parks is a growing trend. Variously known as bike parks, bike skills parks, or adventure parks, these veritable playgrounds are popping up all over, indoors and out - and riders love them! There are more than 30 purpose-built public bike parks in the U.S. and Canada, and many more in the U.K., Australia, and beyond. In Colorado alone, a wide array of bike parks have been built in Fort Collins, Eagle, Leadville, Colorado Springs, Winter Park, Gunnison and now in our town of Boulder. With its storied history in cycling and immense cycling community, Boulder will create a model for how community and government can conjoin to create, sustain and enjoy bike parks like ours.