Valmont City Park
You made your voices heard!

Valmont City Park is a 132-acre chunk of land located at Valmont and Airport Roads in Boulder. The city is drawing new plans for the park after the original 1998 plan failed to be implemented. During the past year, a group of cyclists have rallied under the umbrella of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance to encourage the city to include off-road riding like cyclocross, mountain biking, and a terrain park in the plan.

In October the City asked for public feedback on how the park should be developed. BMA asked our members to respond (see the call for input below) and you did. Biking facilities received by far the most public support and the City has responded. We are assured the final park plan will include a mix of cyclocross trails, singletrack, and bike terrain parks (probably on the north side of Valmont). Your input made a difference!

BMA October call for input:

The City has unveiled three versions of the Valmont City Park plan for public feedback. These are concept plans only, and include a whole laundry list of potential facilities, from soccer fields to tennis to arts and more. The good news: two of the versions include a mix of cyclocross trails, singletrack, and bike terrain parks. The final plan will combine the most highly sought after facilities shown in the options below. Cycling could be an integral part, or left off the final plan all together.

That's right, two of the options on the table right now include a network of trails for cyclocross and mountain biking. Check out the options for yourself on the city's Valmont City Park Plan Update website.

We need to drive the point home in the next two weeks! Comments from the cycling community will be extremely important to making sure off-road cycling is included at Valmont Park.

We need you to do the following:

The deadline is Oct. 31, 2007.