National Trails Day 2008

The Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch: 217 volunteers - 8,400 feet of trail!

June 7, 2008 - We started in Lyons and headed south toward the Wild Turkey trail through some absolutely stunning terrain. With so many other trail work projects going on in the Front Range, nobody expects a big turnout... except BMA. BCPOS staff snickered when we told them we were planning for 200 people and miles of new trail. In BMA's largest project ever, we delivered more than 200 volunteers and almost 2 miles of trail.

We want to get this trail done! During 2007 and 2008 BMA sponsored 12 previous projects (4 large and 8 small) on the Picture Rock Trail which contributed more than 350 volunteer days of labor to the construction of the trail. With this NTD project, the end is in sight!

BMA hired a professional trail designer to collaborate with BCPOS staff on the final alignment of this trail. This is where we spend the money we get from memberships and events, making sure the result is the best it could possibly be. We can't think of a more worthy place to spend your money.

Anyone who worked on this trail can be extremely proud that they had a hand in making the finest trail in Boulder County a reality. You liked Wild Turkey? Well, think of Wild Turkey, only more remote and better views, more varied terrain and 10 miles from trailhead to trailhead.

Opportunities like these don't come around very often. We are getting it done!

When will the Picture Rock be open? As soon as we can build it!

The countdown has begun.... of 25,374 total feet only 5,452 feet remain (in small segments all over the place). The County is committed to open the trail by October.

Project Pictures here.       Daily Camera Article here.       YouTube Video here.

BMA's thanks our cosponsors who help make the project such a success: