BCPOS Recognizes BMA for Long Term Partnership

On Wednesday, April 21, BCPOS and the Boulder County Commissioners held their annual "Land Conservation Awards" Ceremony at BCPOS Headquarters. Since 1992, Boulder County has honored individuals or groups with its Land Conservation Award for outstanding contributions made to the conservation, preservation and protection of the county's land-based environmental resources.

These contributions have included achievements in agriculture, wildlife habitat, forestry, open space and conservation education and volunteer services. This is the first time BCPOS has recognized a group for partnership efforts. BMA's long term volunteer and financial commitment to the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable trails throughout the BCPOS system are cited as the factors that warranted this recognition. BMA's Partnership Program award was "For outstanding achievement as an Alpine Partner in the Partnership Initiative Program through contributions of countless hours and funding to help complete multiple trail construction and maintenance projects projects. "

If you ride on dirt trails in Boulder County, you've ridden trails built and maintained by BMA volunteer resources. In the case of the Wild Turkey and Picture Rock trails, BMA partnered with BCPOS on trail design. We believe these two trails are the best trails we've done to date, and it's this partnership and willingness to work together that made it possible.

Since 1991,BMA volunteers have contributed more than 13,000 volunteer hours working on our trails in BCPOS lands. If you are one of those volunteers, give yourself a pat on the back. It's your passion for making the trails something we can be proud of that is making the difference.