2007 in Review


2007 is just about done, and once again, we have met or exceeded the goals we set for ourselves. With the snow on the ground and the trails unavailable, it's time to look back at this year and start getting cranked up about 2008.

We started the year with our Second Annual Banquet, a raging success on every level. What a party!

BMA's leaders spent a lot of time creating a budget that would guide and fund our activities all year. It was a tough process to get through the first time, but thanks to that hard work, 2008 planning is off to an excellent start and we'll have a budget finalized in early 2008.

National Trails Day was spent working on the Wild Turkey Trail. We had a killer party at Rocky Mounts on June 9. We spent July working on the Little Raven Trail near Brainard Lake. We got political in July endorsing Ken Wilson for City Council; by the way, he won. In early July, BMA hired Arrowhead Trails to do an evaluation of the State Park section of the Eldorado Canyon Trail. This jump started a discussion that will continue into 2008 to make this a rideable route. All indicators are looking positive, but we still have a very long way to go.

We spent a lot of time working on the details of the two new loops in the Eldorado Mountain - Doudy Draw TSA. These trails will be a great success story as they will be first real singletrack mountain biking west of Broadway/93 in the city Open Space System. Both new loops should be built in 2008. BMA weighed in with trail alignments that were sustainable, environmentally friendly, and fun. The OSMP staff chose to do their own and time will tell if these alignments will hold up to the multiple use planned for these trails. We will continue to advocate for durable trails done right that benefit all user groups.

We did a little better with our social ride program in 2007. Trips to Pueblo State Park, Fruita, Winter Park, and multiple trips to Wyoming were very satisfying if you were there. We wish you were there. The weekly short track series was a bright spot as well. We will continue to grow this program in 2008.

We returned to the Wild Turkey Trail in August and it was finally opened to rave reviews on September 14. The Official Grand Opening was held on October 8, pictures are here.

The BMA Board took decisive action in September when they voted to expand BMA's scope to include The City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department. This was driven by a grassroots effort to get cycling facilities and programming in Valmont Park. The recently-completed survey of Boulder residents demonstrated high demand for cycling trails at Valmont, with respondents favoring trails over many other activities. And an off-road cycling complex was voted the top choice during the open house and email comment period. Thanks to all who spoke up!

Last week city planners presented new maps for the park that include more than 20 acres devoted to cyclocross, singletrack, and a technical terrain park. The Valmont Park Advisory Group and the Parks and Rec Advisory Board are in favor of the bike park, and city staff clearly support the idea. Next, the plan goes in front of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board and eventually City Council during January and February for final approval. But we should remember that the plan is only a plan and the park will not be built until funding is secured. This is a very long term project, but we are headed in the right direction and we won't let it die.

We returned to Heil Valley Ranch in October to begin work on the yet to be named Picture Rock Trail. County crews were working through the fall and I am happy to report that most of phase one (about 2 miles) was complete before the snows came. BCPOS wants this trail open by August 2008. If you like Wild Turkey, you'll love the Picture Rock.

October was busy doing successful political action with City Council and County Tax extension endorsements. We also doubled the size of the BMA Board in October at our Annual Membership meeting at Rocky Mounts.

With so much new blood at the helm, I anticipate an incredible 2008. We are ahead of the pace we had the previous years, and thanks to our business members, we have the resources to make a lot of it happen. We have taken steps to get our financial house in order to keep the IRS happy, and we've acted to get our membership database and fulfillment system working like it should.

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is on a roll. There were plenty of factors that brought us here, but none of it could have been possible without you, our members, becoming engaged in our community and making a difference.


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