Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Trail Mix Open Rides

Trail Mix: a BMA Co-Ed Mountain Bike Ride

July 18, 2010

9:00 am - Noon

Marshall Mesa Trailhead


BMA is hosting a Co-Ed FUN ride at the Marshall Mesa trail system; a morning of riding with your friends, your sweetheart, your kids, and other like-minded mountain bikers. Whatever your level, we will have a ride geared for you, so you can take it nice and mellow or hammer with the big dogs (and dogettes!). We will divvy up into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups, each heading out with leaders and sweepers to show you the way. The ride will be followed by a picnic or BBQ lunch, provided courtesy of the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance.

Riders will meet at the Marshall Mesa Trailhead and are encouraged to park at the lower lot.

Please arrive in time to sign in and be ready to ride at 9:00 am. Once we have everyone assembled, we will divide the group into smaller groups based upon expertise and length of ride. The ride is open to 60 participants, so preregistration is required.

Trail Mix Ride Sign-Up

Please send any questions to Trail Mix Rides.