June 3, 2008 
 In this Issue:
  • National Trails Day June 7 - Picture Rock Posse
  • Meet Gary Fisher and Bob Roll
  • Bike to Work Month Social Rides
  • Membership
National Trails Day
at Heil Valley Ranch June 7
200 volunteers - 10000 feet of trail....

    These are the "stretch" goals I have for June 7 in Lyons. On May 17, 47 volunteers cut 1500 feet of trail on Picture Rock. They spent over an hour shuttling and hiking into the site, and the same amount getting out. It was rockier terrain as well.

   This Saturday, we will start in Lyons and head south toward the Wild Turkey trail through some absolutely stunning terrain. Easily accessed and less rocky terrain... easier trail to build.

Some of the features that will be part of the event:
  • A light breakfast and coffee from the Boulder County Horse Association
  • A box lunch from Boulder County Parks and Open Space
  • A BBQ hosted by Oskar Blues afterward - Live music as well!
  • REI will have 'Get Dirty' tech t-shirts for schwag
When will the Picture Rock be open? As soon as we can build it!

When: Saturday, June 7, from 8:30am to 3 pm
Where: Lyons. Registrants will be sent instuctions
Particpants MUST register: click here
    Carpool: You are encouraged to carpool... Two sites: NE corner of the Safeway parking lot at Iris and 28th and the Bus Stop parking lot at 4817 N. Broadway.   All carpools must leave by 8AM, so if you are late, you will miss out.

    With so many other trail work projects going on in the Front Range, nobody expects a big turnout... except me. BCPOS staff snicker when I throw out these numbers, and I want to surprise the hell out of them and get this trail done!

    We need your help in making this event a success. BMA has hired a professional trail designer to collaborate with BCPOS staff on the final alignment of this trail... this is where we spend the money we get from memberships and events; making sure the result is the best it could possibly be.  I can't think of a more worthy place to spend your money.

    What better way to put our mark on this trail than to build it! I guarantee that anyone who works on this trail will be extremely proud that they had a hand in making the finest trail in Boudler County a reality. You liked Wild Turkey? Well, think of Wild Turkey, only more remote and better views, more varied terrain and 10 miles from trailhead to trailhead.

Opportunities like these don't come around very often. Let's get it done!   
Picture Rock Posse
1000 feet built last weekend, will return soon
Meet Bob Roll and Gary Fisher!
at the Trek Bicycle Store this Friday

   Are your dreams filled with hawaiian shirt clad images of Gary Fisher?  Do your nightmares still include visions of a naked Bob Roll riding a Kinetic trainer yelling, "It's Tour DAY France!"  We thought so!  Well here's your chance to meet the men, the myths, the mayhem known as Gary Fisher and Bob "Holy crap!  It's Bob Roll!" Roll. 

   The Trek Bicycle Store of Boulder (2626 Baseline Road) will be hosting a night of fun, frivolity, food, and fizzy beverages with these two cycling legends this Friday, June 6th between 7-10pm.  Come on out and make your dreams, or nightmares, come true!
BMA Goes Buck Wild in Support of Bike to Work Month! 

    Ride to work.  Ride to the trails.  Ride to live.  We're making our knobby tired imprint on Boulder's Bike to Work month by holding a bevy of group rides that begin in town and end the way every ride should, sharing stories at a brew pub.  We've got fast rides, we've got slow rides, we even have rides powered by BioDiesel.  Best of all, they're all FREE and open to anyone! 

Tuesday, June 3rd:  Betasso Preserve
Time and Location: 5:30 pm - Meet in front of the library annex on the Boulder Creek Path
Trail difficulty:   Moderate
Fitness:   Moderate to Difficult
Ride Stats: 2.5 hour ride time / 15 - 20 miles
Post-ride fun: Food and drink at a downtown pub

Friday, June 6th:  Boulder Valley Ranch
Time and Location:  5:30 pm - Meet at Wonderland Lake Trailhead
Trail difficulty:   Easy
Fitness:   Easy
Ride Stats: 2 hour ride time/ plenty of stops / 10 miles
Post-ride fun: Coffee at Amante (north)
BMA Presents
Wednesday Night Group Rides!

    Come one, come all, come get dirty with us on the Wednesday Night Ride!  This is a completely informal and fun ride that gives mountain bikers of ALL skill levels the chance to check out Boulder's trails and meet other dirty shinned individuals.  Whether you are an experienced rider with the tan lines to prove it or just entering the sport with the panty lines under your spandex to prove it, this ride is for you!  There will even be a "No One Gets Left Behind" group for brand spankin' new riders. 

Click here for ride schedules and to download a nifty waiver!

BMA Presents
Tuesday Night Women's Rides!

    Are you tired of fruitlessly explaining to other women how having dirt under your fingernails and bruises on your legs can actually be fun?  Well, here's a chance to meet several women who already understand... 

    This social ride is part of a regular series of all-female rides that rotates through each of our local trails.  Women of ALL skill levels have the opportunity to meet, teach, and learn from other women in our riding community.  There is always a ?No one gets left behind group? for our novice riders, so stop worrying about being too slow and get out to a Tuesday Night Ride!  Click here for ride schedules, pictures, and to download a handy dandy waiver!
So, really, why should I join BMA?

    Advocacy, trail building, and merrymaking - we do it all!  The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization that aims to improve Boulder area mountain biking by working on the trails, staying on top of access issues, and bringing the community together through fun events.  In the past year alone, we have gained pivotal access to the Dowdry Draw trail, begun building the Picture Rock connector trail between Heil and Hall, and have held group rides, women's rides, movie nights, and the star studded BMA Banquet.  But, we can't do it without you.

    Join because we are an entirely volunteer supported and driven organization.  Join because a new pair of shoes is a hundred bucks, a headset will run you the same, and you can max out a credit card on a shiny new bike.  Join because none of these things will improve your ride like a $25 membership to BMA. 

Join NOW, because 5 minutes from now, life will get in the way.

Thanks to the people that have joined or renewed since our last newsletter: 
Hudson Philips (Big Wheel!)
Joe Esch
David Allen
Geoff Shaffer (Big Wheel!)
Jonathan Angus
Eric Vogelsberg
Stephen Bachtel (Big Wheel!)
Frank Strupeck
Robert Coppolillo (Family)
Garth Lucero (Family)
Mark Schoenhals (Family)
Ken Wood
David Ries (Family)
Botsy Phillips (Family)
Markus Groner
Angela Treiterer 
BMA Loves  Our Business Members!
Two Dog Diner in Prospect
Bob Maynard/Wright Kingdom Real Estate
Welcome to our newest Business Member
     When you see a Business Supporter sticker, give the owner a big hug from us!  Or, you can go with the less creepy route of simply telling them, "Thanks!"

     We know that running a business can make the idea of finding time for a Saturday trail work session seem as likely as taking a quick jaunt to the moon.    Becoming a Business Member allows BMA to provide hungry volunteers with lunch, purchase new tools, and build new trails.  This is your way to be the most valuable volunteer on trail work days, without even being there.  In just 5 minutes, you can support local riding, advertise your business to thousands of BMA eNews recipients every month, and reap the benefits of the world renowned BMA Business Supporter sticker!  Contact Mike at [email protected]for details!
Looking for Some Spare Cash
and have fun at the same time? 
    We've been asked by some friends to solicit help on their events and they are willing to pay.
  • Bicycle Village needs help at a big sale event Jun 6, 7 and 8.  Contact Pat Mayben at [email protected]
  • The Muddy Buddy Race Event is looking for an event coordinator. Contact Eric Custis at [email protected]
  What's On the Horizon
Full Moon Ride June 18 @ West Mag - Info next week
Little Raven Trail Trail Work - July 26 & August 23
Doudy Draw/Springbrook Loop Trail Work - Sept 27 & Oct 4
Blue River Century June 21 - Click here
Tor de Cure August 23 - Click here
Tired of seeing trails closed to mountain bikes in Boulder County? Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Join the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and join the fight to open trails. Send a $25 check to BMA, PO Box 4954, Boulder, CO 80306, or join by using our online Paypal webpage by clicking here