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Help us show the good side of mountain biking!  The mountain bike patrol lets us give back to the community in more than one way.  We ride the trails of Boulder County providing:

The Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol is a group of friendly, fun loving mountain bikers riding the trails to have fun and help other people. For the 2007 season, we are patrolling some of the sweetest trail in Boulder County - the U.S. Forest Service’s West Magnolia trail system, just northwest of the town of Nederland.

Our mission is simple; to assist the U.S. Forest Service by helping West Magnolia trail users in having a safe and enjoyable experience in the National Forest. We provide assistance and aid to all trail users, to the training and competency level of each patroller, in areas such as emergency bicycle repair; emergency medical assistance; general information about the area including knowledge of the local terrain and the trail system, Forest Service rules and regulations, IMBA’s Rules of the Trail, etc. First Aid and CPR certification are not required but are always helpful.

The Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol also works less formally patrolling Boulder County Parks and Open Spaces such as Hall Ranch, Betasso Preserve, Walker Ranch, and more. Help put a responsible face on mountain biking while going out and having fun. Join the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol!

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  Bike patrol shadowing allows you to tag along with a patroller. You get to see what it's like and you'll be supporting the program by putting another smiling, helpful face out there on the trails.



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